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Did You Know?

McCandlish Lillard regularly shares legal knowledge discussing legal developments and issues affecting our clients.

The Legal Implications of the Obergefell Decision

Same-sex couples now can proactively plan in order to take advantage of many of these newly-confirmed spousal rights.

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Access to a deceased minor child’s digital assets

The Virginia General Assembly has enacted legislation that allows personal representatives of a deceased minor to access the child’s digital assets, e.g. social media accounts and other online records and communications.

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Did you know that the Defense Base Act covers civilian as well as military personnel injured overseas?

The Defense Base Act covers civilian as well as military personnel injured overseas.

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Did You Know Your Contract’s Boilerplate Can Leave You In Hot Water?

“Boilerplate” can be described as a set of provisions that were not critical components of the deal you negotiated, but contain terms that govern the relationship between the parties and the interpretation of your written contract.

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Overview of ADR, Mediation, Arbitration, and Collaborative Law

Due in large part to the high cost and long delays of litigation, alternative dispute resolution (ADR) has become a lynchpin of the litigation process, both before, during, and sometimes even after trials. A successful ADR process is generally quicker and more cost effective than trials.

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Not Having Workers’ Comp Insurance May Be Costly

Why does it now make even more sense for your small business (less than 3 employees) to carry Workers’ Compensation Insurance? Effective July 1, 2014, the maximum penalty for the failure of a business to obtain workers’ compensation insurance will be $50,000.00, up from the current maximum of $5,000.00.

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Not All Stock Is Created Equal

Shareholders and members of small, privately held companies face what appears at first blush to be a daunting task in trying to realize their share value.

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An Employer Has Leeway to Fashion Policies for Computer Use

Did you know that an employer has substantial leeway when it comes to fashioning policies governing the use of company computer and communication systems and to monitoring employee use of company systems to ensure compliance with policies?

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