Family Law

McCandlish’s Family Law practice also includes alternative methods of dispute resolution, such as mediation, arbitration and Collaborative Divorce.

McCandlish lawyers counsel and advocate for people in nearly all aspects of family and domestic relations law, including those who need legal assistance with such matters as separation agreements, divorces, child custody and visitation, equitable distribution, and support, as well as, on a happier note, those in need of pre-nuptial agreements.

If you have found yourself, or a friend or relative, in need of wise, experienced and effective legal assistance in one of these areas, McCandlish lawyers enjoy listening to and working with our clients to identify and attempt to implement the desired outcomes. Our philosophy and approach are to work hard, to focus on the “counselor” function in our practice, and to respect our clients as decision-making adults with and for whom we can work.

Sometimes, however, an optimal outcome cannot be achieved without litigation.  In those cases, McCandlish lawyers are experienced litigators who will advocate for our clients’ interests in court.  McCandlish’s family law and domestic relations practice also includes, and we often recommend to our clients, alternative methods of dispute resolution, such as mediation, arbitration and Collaborative Divorce.


McCandlish lawyers enjoy sitting down with prospective clients to learn about your situation, hear about the objectives that are most important to you, and discuss options with you to achieve them if possible.  Naturally, no two cases are exactly alike.  Each client’s options will depend on the facts of that client’s situation, the client’s preferences, and the law that can or does apply.

We frequently schedule initial consultations at our regular hourly billing rates, without requiring the client either to pay a significant up front payment (sometimes called a “retainer” or an “initial advance”) or to commit to hire the firm for longer term representation.  We then recommend a course of action and, where appropriate, we discuss the risks and potential benefits of alternative approaches.


McCandlish lawyers normally handle cases in the Circuit Courts and Juvenile & Domestic Relations District Courts in the following jurisdictions:

  • Fairfax County (and included towns and cities)
  • Loudoun County
  • Arlington County
  • City of Alexandria
  • Prince William County (and included towns and cities)
  • When appropriate, also selected other northern Virginia jurisdictions


McCandlish’s family law/domestic relations attorneys are listed below.  For more information about Family Law/Domestic Relations issues, or to request an initial meeting, we invite you to review the attorneys’ respective profiles, and welcome you to contact them directly.