Attorney Stephen C. Price has been named as one of the 2024 Loudoun Laureates by the Loudoun Laurels Foundation. From the press release:

"The Loudoun Laurels Foundation has chosen J. Randall Minchew and Stephen Price as its 2024 Loudoun Laureates, seeing in them the personification of qualities it seeks in all candidates for the annual honor: selflessness, integrity, creativity, wisdom, and courage. This year’s selections were drawn from a deep and diverse pool of worthy candidates. During its deliberations, the Advisory Committee expressed its admiration for the large number of individuals in Loudoun County who contribute so much of their time, energy, and resources to make the county a better place. In the end, they found Randy and Steve to be great examples of that generous spirit....

Steve Price has worked for decades in a quiet but highly effective manner serving on boards and providing pro bono legal advice for causes that have underpinned the preservation of Loudoun County’s historic sites and the protection of its natural beauty. In his role as general counsel to the Land Trust of Virginia, he was instrumental in securing the protection of thousands of undeveloped acres in Loudoun County. As chair of the Virginia Piedmont Heritage Area Association, he expanded educational outreach in schools across the Heritage Area, including Loudoun County, and strengthened partnerships with like-minded organizations to help unify the county behind its preservation mission.

Steve served on the board of directors of Oatlands [of the National Trust] for more than 20 years and on the board of the George C. Marshall International Center for 15 years, where, as president, he oversaw the six-year renovation of historic Dodona Manor, George C. Marshall’s childhood home."

Read the full press release here.